About Us

GrandLifeHK is a technological brand which manufactures and distributes awesome electronic devices. Based in Hong Kong and with a wide international presence.

Our wide range of products, personalised advice and huge logistical capacity allow our customers to increase their sales.

Chargers had become an inaugural part of everyday living. Be it in outdoor, on the go, or outdoor - even at the time of Covid pandemic, the need of charging is inelastic as it is now considered as an essential for quality living. 

We specialise in quality adapters manufacturing for global market. Over the years, we've produced chargers suited for EU & US regulations which brought us loyal customers. Our years of experience in exporting allow us to accurately handle exports of good to most international market and provide the logistic support that is required for a smooth transaction.

If you are sourcing a specific product, or have a new product in mind to be manufactured, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultancy service.